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How it works


Congratulations on finding SME Certification Centre for your one-stop-shop to meet SME Standards.  We'll help you build, assess and certify systems to get you there.



  1. Choose a Standard

Review SME Standards to find the one that best fits your needs.  For example, if you are looking to ensure your social and environmental creditentials, then SME Standards:Sustainability will be a good choice.


Vistit the Standards page and take time to download and review the Standard requirements, and consider how your business can achieve it.  We often find that businesses are already doing a lot of what is required.



  2. Set up your system

Once you've chosen a Standard, you can start preparing for assessment by working through an on-line Assessment Form, available on the Standards pages. 


Don't worry, we've kept this simple.  You don't need any experience or expertise. 


You'll be able to try the first few questions on the Form for free so you can see how it works.  You don't need to have prepared anything to get started - you can work towards meeting the requirements while completing the Form, using the free easy-to-follow guidance included.


To create good practice for meeting our Standards, for every SME Standard we provide:


If you already have some of the required documents  e.g. a Policy, that's fine.  Just use the guidance to check your own documents meet the Standard requirements.


You'll find its more straightforward than you think!


Bonus additions for 'Certified' levels:



  3. Assessment

Once you've worked through the Assessment Form, using the guidance to help you, you'll be ready to submit for assessment.


If you pass you'll receive a 12-month certificate and marketing pack.  If not, we'll give you easy to follow feedback on the changes needed and you can re-submit.