Simple standards for a sustainable future.

Sustainability: more than just green


We often hear the words sustainable and environment being used to mean the same thing, but sustainability is so much more than being green.

To put it simply, sustainability means that we need to live and work today in a way that enables our children and future generations to enjoy a similar quality of life.

True sustainability means considering society and the economy alongside the environment. This is often referred to as the 3 pillars of sustainability – ‘people, planet and profit’. These must all be balanced for us to prosper.

For businesses it is essential to keep going, or ‘sustain’ themselves profitably, but this mustn’t be at the cost of environmental and social responsibilities, or the natural environment and ultimately humanity will suffer.

Addressing sustainability can be the difference between struggle and business success. When well-planned and implemented, sustainability saves costs, reaches new customers and helps recruit and develop creative and loyal staff.

This all sounds interesting, but where do you start?

SME Certification Centre offers guidance and tools for working more sustainably. And you can get recognition for this through sustainability certification, helping you get ahead of the competition.