Simple standards for a sustainable future.

About SME Standards

Based on the principles of ISO, SME Standards are basic management system standards, tailored to the needs of SMEs. They enable SMEs to implement good management disciplines in order to give their customers confidence in their use of good practice and commitment to improvement and to achieve the cost savings that come from effective management systems.

All SME Standards work to the principle of repeat and improve. In other words, continue good practice already underway and make progress towards new improvements.

For each SME Standard we offer two levels of achievement:

If you want to show your intent to improve but are not ready for a fully-fledged management system, then this is for you. Our Committed option is a quick and simple way to show customers and employees that your organisation has good practice and is committed to improving.

If you want to meet SME Standards with a management system that has been inspected against the Standard requirements, then this is for you. The guidance for all Certified levels also includes an extensive collection of ideas for improvement, so you can really create actions that are relevant and achievable.

Our SME Standards are uniquely designed to be relevant to your organisation and simple to implement.

Each SME Standard-Certified takes the same approach, underpinned by the same management system princples as ISO. They are are made up of 4 sections, each one focussing on a critical aspect of operating an effective management system:

Through this simple Join and Commit-Assess-Do-Review framework, your organisation has the flexibility to easily target and implement the actions that best suits its needs and opportunities.

The Sustainability Standard is about operating profitability while taking responsibility for decisions that impact on the environment and society at-large. Whether its reducing waste or supporting your local community this framework allows you to track and evidence how your organisation will consider its wider position in society over the long term.

The Carbon Footprint standard provides a framework, tools and mitigation options to help you to “do your bit” to solve the climate crisis for future generations We provide a toolkit and emissions calculator as well as guidance to enable you to monitor emissions as well as tips and suggestions to enable improvements and develop a wider carbon management plan to show the demonstrable actions taken to your stakeholders.

The Environmental Standard provides a dedicated approach to environmental management including managing risks of pollution and legal non-compliance. The Certified Standard allows you to produce a bespoke Legal Register, listing the legislation that applies to your organisation and how to comply.