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About this Standard

An organisation's carbon footprint is made by the emissions from all its activities, from the energy use of buildings to transport and waste.


With much publicity about the climate emergency, businesses and consumers are increasingly demanding that the companies they work with are taking action to reduce their impact on the planet and tackle climate change.


Taking demonstrable action to reduce carbon offers a competitive advantage and with careful planning, reducing an organisation's carbon footprint can result in significant cost savings.


The free guidance for this Standard includes a carbon footprint calculator which helps you convert data such as energy use into kgCO2e.  This is the accepted unit used to measure a carbon footprint which bundles all greenhouse gases into one single number.


Achieving SME Standards:Carbon Footprint is clear evidence of your organisation's commitment to 'do your bit' to help solve the climate crisis for future generations.



Why should my business work towards SME Standards:Carbon Footprint?

SME's that choose our fully certified programme to demonstrate their approach to quality can reap these benefits:



Core themes

The Standard has core themes that are relevant to every organisation, regardless of size.  You'll need to consider action under each theme.  You'll decide what those actions are, based on what is most relevant and highest priority for your organisation.  We offer plenty of free guidance and suggestions to help you.



Carbon Reporting

Measuring and reporting the organisation's carbon footprint, using the UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting

Carbon Reduction

Setting targets and implementing actions to reduce carbon emissions, such as reducing energy use and minimising waste.

Carbon Offsetting

Compensating for carbon emissions by funding an equivalent carbon saving elsewhere such as tree planting projects.




Standard Requirements

Committed - a basic step towards reducing carbon emissions

If you want to get recognised for improvement and good practice, then this level is for you.


It's very simple:

  1. Create a 'Commitment Statement' using our template.  This will include a short list of actions.
  2. Generate an 'Annual Report' - a simple form to update us on your progress (not required for your first assessment)


Certified - This level will take you a step further, helping you build a simple management system

Our templates and advice will guide you through these core steps:

  1. Produce a Carbon Footprint
  2. Find out how your organisation is performing now and get ideas for ways to improve
  3. Create a Carbon Reduction Plan
  4. Create a Communication Plan for staff engagement and understanding
  5. Monitor your progress
  6. Evaluate performance annually


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