Simple standards for a sustainable future.

About this Standard

Managing environmental performance helps an organisation to operate more efficiently (reducing waste, energy etc),  and reduces the risk of pollution incidents and legal non-compliance.


More and more customers and stakeholders are expecting organisations to demonstrate best practice in managing their impact on the environment.  This might be investors/grant funders or customers wanting to ensure their suppliers are taking their responsibilities seriously.


Achieving SME Standards:Environment is clear evidence of your organisation's commitment to effectively manage its environmental impact.


Complying with the law is a must for an environmentally responsible organisation, but understanding your obligations can be tricky.  The first difficulty is finding out what regulations apply, then trying to understand what needs to be done to comply.  We know this takes time and some expertise so we've taken the pain out of understanding environmental legislation by providing a free Legal Register as part of this Standard (Certified).


You simply answer some questions about your activities to generate your own bespoke Legal Register, listing the legislation that applies and how to comply.


Why should my business work towards SME Standards:Environment?

SME's that choose our fully certified programme to demonstrate their approach to environmental management can reap these benefits:



Core themes

The Standard has core themes that are relevant to every organisation, regardless of size.  For the Certified level, you'll need to take action under each theme.  We offer plenty of free guidance and suggestions to help you ensure you address each one.


Environmental Action

Protecting the environment by ensuring your organisation's day-to-day operations are environmentally responsible e.g. reducing waste or energy use.

Preventing Pollution

Reducing the likelihood of harm to the environment from substances such as oil and chemicals being released into the air, water or land.


Identification, understanding and compliance with relevant environmental legislation.



Standard Requirements


Committed - a basic step towards improving environmental management

If you want to get recognised for improvement and good practice, then this level is for you.


It's very simple:

  1. Create a 'Commitment Statement' using our template.  This will include a short list of actions.
  2. Generate an 'Annual Report' - a simple form to update us on your progress (not required for your first assessment)


Certified - This level will take you a step further, helping you build a simple management system.

Our templates and advice will guide you through these core steps:

  1. Create a Policy
  2. Find out how your organisation is performing now and get ideas for ways to improve
  3. Create a bespoke Legal Register
  4. Create an Action Plan for good practice
  5. Create a Communication Plan for staff engagement and understanding
  6. Monitor your progress
  7. Evaluate performance annually


Download the standard

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