Simple standards for a sustainable future.

5 tips for a greener office this Christmas


Give a little thought to your office's impact on the environment this year.

1. Cut down on Christmas cards - send electronic cards to staff and customers rather than printed ones.  This saves paper use, printing and the environmental cost of recycling after the festive season ends.

2. Think about your choice of Christmas tree.  If you dig out the same box of decorations every yer, then keep re-using them!  Prefer a real tree?  Then look for once that is sustainably grown and not transported too far.  Even better, get a potted tree that can be replanted and re-used year after year.  For artificial trees, avoid plastic (PVC and Polyethelyne), by choosing a wood flat pack style.

3.  Give staff the option to swop the usual bottle of wine gift for a tree being planted - this helps with lowering your carbon footprint.

4. Christmas Jumper Day again?  Don't buy another jumper this year - hold a Christmas jumper swop! Most people buy one and only wear it for one season.

5. Raise funds for a local environmental charity with a Christmas raffle for 'money can't buy' gifts such a use of the boss's office or parking spcae for a day, or win an extra day of annual leave

Wishing you a happy, fun filled and greener Christmas this year.